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Holá! Welcome to the Mystiqué Glitter Mages Øfficial®, where magic is a skill! To be enrolled officially as a Unicørn™, you would have to pass the tests from one of these following Guilds : Summer Guild™, Tephra Guild™, Theodora Guild™ or the Andrei Guild™. There are of course, restrictions. To be a Unicørn™ , you would have to be at the age of 13 or above. We have no gender restrictions, so you're free to join! Comment down below "MGM® - (name of Guild you want to be in) - (your character's full name, not your real name, and the character's description) - I pledge on my honor to accept and fulfill the MGM® Terms and Regulations", and I'll assign you the test according to your chosen Guild. To pass, you should be able to get at least 50% of the score. Don't worry, Nonagon Mistress Mage Lavadora and Nonagon Master Mage Nathan won't make you're test paper really difficult, you can rely on them! To get a full description of the Guilds, you can visit the pages by typing the name of the Guild in the Search Bar. I think that's all you need to no for for now, so Ciaó until next time!

Have fun! ~ Addison Skywatcher, Decagon Mistress Mage

Rules and Regulations

- Bullying, harassing or offending will result in immediate permanent banning.

- You have to be at the age of 13 or above.

- Once a guild is chosen it is final and permanent; no changes are allowed to made, unless with a reason and should be done by contacting an administrator associated with this wiki, who will decide whether your guild can be changed.

- Editing this wiki will result in immediate permanent banning. Only an administrator associated with this wiki is permitted to do so.

- Only comment on relevant topics in this wiki. Any unnecessary comments will be discarded and will result in a temporary ban.

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